Professional Crimping Tool Pliers Compatible with MC4 PV Solar Crimper A-2546B


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Why use this tool over others? This is the same tool we sell to solar installers around the world. The mechanism of crimping directly down ensures an even spread when crimping. Other tools will apply pressure from right to left. One side will always be more crimped than the other. We are not saying these tools are bad. We are simply giving you the information to make an informed choice.

Suitable to MC4-compatible solar connector system
Suitable to PV module

Main features:

Precise crimping die sets and integral lock with self releasing mechanism
high-quality crimping effect after repeated crimping
Scientific leverage design saves energy when operating, release locking if operates error
Provided with one set of dies in handles for using easily energy saving by humanisation handle design
Crimping range:26-10AWG, 2.5-6mm2
This crimp tool is recommend for crimping of MC4-compatible contacts.